Cyber Risk

Understand and quantify cyber risk to optimise cyber resilience efforts

Gain a forward-looking, quantitative view of the cyber risks facing your organisation

We bring actuarial rigour to identifying, quantifying and mitigating your exposure to cyber risk.

We deliver:

  • Cyber scenario modelling
  • Cyber risk management, governance and compliance
  • Cyber insurance pricing.

What we offer

Cyber scenario modelling

  • Work with organisations to quantify the short and long-term impact of key cyber risk scenarios on their financial fundamentals, in line with their overall risk management approach
  • This helps their Board and management make more informed, strategic decisions about cyber resilience activities and expenditure, including whether to purchase or renew a cyber insurance policy

Cyber risk management, governance and compliance

  • Educate Boards and management on the role of cyber risk quantification in effective cyber risk management
  • Support organisations to meet their regulatory obligations in managing cyber risk, including supporting boards of APRA-regulated entities to meet their key responsibilities under CPS 234
  • Assist regulators and policymakers in designing cyber risk mitigation policy solutions

Cyber insurance pricing

  • Support insurers writing cyber policies to analyse their data on cyber risk, so they can more accurately and efficiently price cyber insurance

Who we work with

We offer cyber risk services to corporates, policymakers and regulators, and insurers.

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